Music Cool

In this new age and era, downloading MP3s or FLAC is a thing of the past.

All you need is a decent subscription from a service provider and you have all the worlds music at your disposal, for a nominal monthly fee.

The likes of Apple Music, Spotify, Wynk, Gaana and many more such music streaming service providers only means that you the end user has the last say.

All you now need is a network connected device like a mobile phone, the subscription and of course the output device like a pair of Earbuds or Headphones.

There is also the option to connect a high powered output device like a Hi Fi music system or a soundbar to experience audio on another level.

While there are dozens of streaming services with mostly similar content there are a few places where one is better than the other, lets take a look.

Apple Music:

This is one of the finest streaming services available for both iOS and Android platforms. The pricing is a bit high for single users but the family plan adds immense value to the deal. Add to it the fact that this also includes Lossless and Atmos content. And oh did we mention that Apple Music also includes many many music videos too.

All in all a fantastic service, great audio quality, well rounded application and of course a superb library makes this one of the best.

Amazon Music:

Next on the list is Amazon music which is bundled with their Prime Subscription. Let us get one thing out of the way first. Amazon Prime subscription is the most value for money deal there is yet, period. It not only gets you Amazon Music, it also gets you Prime Video and shopping benefits such as one day delivery and free delivery.

Furthermore the application for both platforms is slick and very intuitive. It also has Alexa functionality built in for ease of use. Lastly the audio quality is good although the library does seem to be a bit lacking. It makes sense as this service offers quite a lot and comes in the list of best top 5 in India.


If Indian music is what all you need then the enormous library of Gaana has you well covered. On the flip side the International collection is spotty. It is also available for free albeit with ads and no downloads, which could work for many. The application is well sorted and offers decent functionality.

On the music quality front it fared really good and you will be left impressed. Therefore this is the service you should opt if you want to save money and are interested in only Indian music.


This service from Bharti Airtel is similar to Gaana in many ways. It has a similarly large library. It is also available for free with ads. However the application is glitchy and lacks the finesse and usability of others, this despite the fact that the service is more than 5 years old now.

Additionally the music quality is at par and you wont feel any sort of compression or irritating artifacts unless your data bandwidth is restricted.